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School Vision

About Our School

South Shore is proud to be a dual language school where all students are language learners. Our program integrates native English speaking students with native Spanish speaking students for content and language instruction. Dual Language programs develop bilingual and bi-literate students who are able to attain high academic achievement, language acquisition, and proficiency in both English and Spanish.

Our School believes in…

Child-centered Instruction

Learning should be a Joyful pursuit and we want every student to make deep connections, be engaged in the learning process, and celebrate student success. We do this by maintaining a strong positive behavioral support program, teaching character education in every classroom, and providing multiple daily opportunities for our staff to recognize our students.

Using Data to Guide Decisions

We regularly gather reading, math, and writing data so we can adjust what we are doing to meet the changing needs of our students. Our teachers meet weekly to use the data to design interventions that ensure that all students are successful and receive the individualized support they need.

Families as Essential Partners

Parent support when learning a new language is essential. Parents who speak English or Spanish are needed as classroom volunteers throughout the school day. We also have multiple opportunities for parents to participate in evening activities throughout the school year.