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Picking Up Student Items

Posted on: April 22, 2020

South Shore Family, 

Next Monday and Tuesday (April 27 and 28), families will have the opportunity to come to the school to safely retrieve items that were left in their classrooms.  Here’s what you need to know:

When can my child/children get their personal belongings from school?

To maintain social distancing and to minimize time waiting in lines, we are organizing student materials by grade level.  Please come during the following dates and times to pick up your child/children’s items: 

Monday, April 27th                       Tuesday, April 28th

9:00 am   – 10:00 am                          10:30 am  – 11:30 am

12:00 pm –  1:00 pm                           2:30 pm   –  3:30 pm

 3:00 pm  –  4:00 pm                          6:00 pm   –  7:00 pm

 6:00 pm  –  7:00 pm

How will this work?  

  • Come to South Shore during one of the scheduled times.
  • Upon arrival, we ask that you drive through the bus loop, stop at the grade level tables your child/children are in, and a staff member will deliver items to your car. We ask that families stay in their  cars at all times.  
  • If you will be walking instead of driving, there will be a designated table where you will check in and have items brought to you. Please remember to follow all social distancing guidelines.
  • If your child has medications at school, the medication will be checked out to you when you pick up your child’s bag.

Will it be safe?

  • All personal items from classrooms have been collected, bagged and allowed to sit for more than 24 hours
  • Drivers and passengers will be able to stay in their cars with items brought to them
  • All school staff will be wearing masks, gloves and practicing social distancing


How do I return items that belong to the school?

  • In an effort to minimize cross contamination, we will schedule a time later in the school year to return items such as library books, textbooks, band instruments, etc. so please do not bring them at this time.


We miss the students and can’t wait to see them in our schools when the time comes. 

Marcy Beltran,